Wednesday, December 26, 2007

King James is wishing everybody a Merry Christmas...

and hopes everybody else got their wishes full-filled as well, since KJ got his wonderful forever home AND secret Santa gifts. What more could one ask for!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Happy Time!

King James has found his forever home---and has an IBR brother (Luke-left) and a setter sister named Jetta as siblings.
James is settling in wonderfully and is joining brother Luke in the kitchen, asking: "Mom, what's for dinner?"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Look At Me Now!!!

King James would like nothing better than to spend time with you - inside, at your feet or snuggling next to you in bed; outside, running about the yard, chasing butterflies or staring down turtles! Indoors, he has found no fascination with his foster families caged cockatiels or dove, but he IS obsessed with chasing and stalking cats - particularly long-haired ones for some strange reason. He has gotten a little better about this over the four plus months with his foster family, but a non-cat family would be much less stressful for cat and owner alike.

King James is a field setter with a smaller stature; he has gained over six pounds since coming into rescue, after getting rid of some parasites and getting some good food under his "belt." He is free of heartworm by both filter and Elisa test two months after treatment. He has been neutered and does not mark at all in the house. We suspect he'd been used for hunting, as he has a few peices of shot under his skin - but this does not slow him down in the least! He will be a devoted companion to you - as a jogging partner or just to hang out with. All this boy wants is a family to call his own. Won't you open your heart and home to this handsome guy ?

Monday, May 21, 2007

King James is thriving!

The boy has gained almost 7 # since being brought in a few weeks ago.

My son did find that he is interested in chasing -returning tennis balls...but you have to have two or he won't play. Perhaps this has made him a little less likely to chase the cats. He has also been giving some kisses he's trying to say he's appreciating this.

King James is liked by all except the cats!

King James has no problem getting along with the other canine fur kids in his foster home. Setter boy Neal took King James' funny wrestling attempts during the first couple of days in stride.

Vicki writes: (Setter girl) Chloe thinks this is great fun, another dog to run around and play with. Truffles, the older dog of ours, has surprised me by actually doing "stand offs" to play and play bowing...she usually doesn't intigate and is usually a bit more timid.

April Update

King James made the journey from temp foster home in Tennesee, via temp foster home in Ohio to his new foster family that will get him through his heartworm treatment.

Upon arrival, foster mom Vicki writes:
The cats are very outright scrambles yet. He barks at the cockatiels we problems as the cages are mounted near the ceiling. I stopped in where I work before I got home to implant and scan his microchip and also weighed him...38.2 pounds. He's already eaten two good sized meals since he arrived, so we're working on that part. Pulled a tick off that was attached under his collar. Also found two pieces of shot or pellets under his skin, one at the front base of his right ear, one about mid-neck right side. Tomorrow, a bath! So far, so good! He played a lot today...he will be pooped out for a good night's sleep. He already knows how to sit...showed up Neal when he came into the house this evening!! *LOL* He crates up without a problem. He is a very good passenger in a car.

Friday, March 9, 2007

A regal name for a sweet and regal-looking boy!

Illinois Birddog Rescue decided to name this boy King James---a fitting name for such a handsome, sweet, regal looking boy.
King James is only in temporary foster care---actually his foster mom calls it half-way house, as he's loved and cared for, but due to the numbers of rescue dogs she keeps is not currently inside the house.
Chris is reporting though that he's very affectionate and loves human companionship.
He's also getting along just fine with the other dogs.
Won't you consider fostering "royalty" for Illinois Birddog Rescue? We promise it will make rescue history in the IBR journals for sure!!

Getting to safety!

Jim was sitting in a Tennessee shelter and things didn't look too good for him, when a compassionate person rescued him. She hadn't gone to the shelter to get Jim---but she sure wasn't leaving without him.